Information - About The Mississauga Blues

Welcome to the Mississauga Blues Rugby Club

The Mississauga Blues Rugby Club is club dedicated to the participation of sports in our community. Our club consists of over 200 members and offers twelve different teams ranging from under 8 co-ed and youth flag rugby to competitive senior men and women?s teams.

Created by a group of rugby enthusiasts, the club officially came together in 2008. They wanted a place where the Highschool players from Streetsville secondary could go to to further their rugby skills. Michael Curran, Mark Smerdon and Paul Neufield decided to start in their own backyards to allow for all the rugby players in the region to play more competitive rugby. There were others that jumped on board to help out and create the clubs platform, including Keith Wilkinson and Jill Zonneveld, who were critical in growing the club. They started off with two U16 boys teams,ca U18 boys team, a U17 girls teams and a U10/U12 program. Over the years, the club added a U16 girls team, a U18 girls team, U14 coed, senior women?s and senior men's teams.

At the heart of our Club is our value for Integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect. Integrity is a core value of the Game and is fundamental to maintaining honest and fair play in Rugby. Rugby provides players with life-long friendship, teamwork and loyalty. Our club teaches the players the rules of sportsmanship. Respect for teammates, opponents and those involved in the game of rugby. The club is committed to providing a program for all players to develop their rugby skills, develop personally and grow their love of the game of rugby.

Our number one priority as a Rugby Club is to the health and safety of all our Club?s athletes. To that end, The Mississauga Blues Rugby Club boasts the most comprehensive Athletic Therapy program in Ontario! You will find an Athletic Therapist present at the side lines at every training session, match game, home or away, ready to assess and aid a player should the need arise.

Never played rugby? A seasoned veteran? Our members include players from the age of four, boys and girls, of all shapes and sizes. All experience levels are welcome to join the Blues!

We look forward to having you as a member of the Mississauga Blues Rugby Club!